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The Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964

Part II of the Act provides for the power to regulate and amend in other respects the law relating to transactions in seeds, including the provision for the testing of seeds. To control the import of seed and authorise measures to prevent the injurious cross-pollination of seeds.

The Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964

Seeds England. Seed Marketing Regulations 2011

The marketing of seed of the main agricultural and vegetable species in England is regulated by the Seed Marketing Regulations. The Regulations define the species covered and the standards that the crop and seed must achieve before they can be certified and marketed. The certification process places the onus on the applicant to make decisions about their crop and seed and is based on a three building block approach.

  • A variety must be listed on one National List or in the EC Common Catalogue, in accordance with the Seeds (National Lists of Varieties) Regulations 2001 as amended 2004
  • A satisfactory crop report must have been lodged
  • A satisfactory seed test report must have been lodged

Uncertified and unlisted seed of these species can only be marketed in accordance with specific exemptions, which are set out in the Seed Marketing Regulations and with prior written authorisation from a Certifying Authority: for England and Wales this is Fera's Plant Varieties and Seeds.

Plant Populations

Plant Populations Temporary License 2014/150/EU

These Regulations cover the licensing requirements for the following:-

  • Company or Person Engaged in Seed Marketing Operations
  • Seed Testing Stations
  • Crop Inspectors
  • Seed Samplers

NB: This regulation is available using the links below and is available for purchase from The Stationery Office.

SI 2011/463 Seeds England, Seed Marketing Regulations 2011

SI 2011/2992 Seeds England, Seed Marketing (Amendment) Regulations 2011

SI 2011/3035 Seeds England, Seed Marketing (Amendment) Regulations 2012