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Plant Passporting and Marketing

Within the Single Market, plant health checks are focused on the place of production. There are no border checks for plants and plant products travelling between EC member states, although spot checks may take place anywhere in the trade chain. A limited range of material which host the most serious 'quarantine' pests and diseases requires a plant passport to facilitate its movement. Where required, a passport is needed both for movements within and between member states, and additional requirements apply for movements into and within EC Protected Zones.

Plant passports may only be issued by Growers who are registered and authorised for the purpose. Registration is free with no time limit. Authorisation will be granted annually on the basis of an official inspection of the plants during the growing season and a check on record keeping. Please note - separate charges apply for inspection of material which requires a phytosanitary certificate when imported from non-EC countries. Guidance on these charges can be found in our imports section.

When marketed within the UK plant material of ornamental, fruit and vegetable genera must satisfy minimum quality standards laid down by the Regulations. Such material must be accompanied by a supplier's document when marketed. With some exceptions those supplying material must be registered and, in the case of fruit and vegetable genera, accredited, by the Fera Plant Health and Seeds Inspectors (PHSI). In England and Wales, inspections of production premises are carried out by the PHSI. No charges are made.

A summary of the main requirements can be found in the Plant Health Guide to Plant Passporting and Marketing Requirements, which also includes a flowchart to help those trading plant material to assess whether their business is affected.